D112 Institute Day Video

Project Descriptions & Resources

Metaphorical Definitions Animoto - 7th grade students wrote metaphors, searched for images representative of the concepts and used Animoto to create a video of their definitions.

Healthy Body Books - 5th grade students researched information on the food pyramid, the district's PEP grant,

Glogster Scientist Report - Students researched scientists, downloaded images and video, then incorporated them into a Glogster.

Autobiography ePortfolio Wiki - Students each have a main page on a class autobiography wiki. They add additional pages for each writing assignment and the related technology component. Students are using Wikispaces, Animoto, Glogster, Prezi, Wordle, GarageBand, iMovie, ComicLife and Voicethread.

Animal Classification Prezi - 4th grade students researched characteristics of various animal orders and used Discovery Streaming to find applicable images

Nocturnal Animal Books - Students did a web in kidspiration, wrote sentences then typed them into a word document. The word document will be turned into a book.

Skype Fire Station Tour - The Highwood Fire Chief talked with students about the job of a firefighter.

Voicethread Book Cover Discussions - Students usedVoicethread to record their thoughts on various book covers created for different versions of The Giver.

Student Blogs (KidBlogs) - 5th Grade complete their Reader Responses in a blog, then are required to comment on two other blogs.

Teacher Blogs (EduBlogs) - Teachers are using Blogs to communicate with their students, parents and colleagues.

Current Events Wiki - Each week students share current events and discuss what is shared via a Wikispaces wiki.

Cross-School Holocaust Wiki - 5th grad students at Red Oak and Sherwood collaborated on their Holocaust novel study. Students use the discussion feature of the wiki to share their thoughts and ideas about the book.

Book Share - Students give mini book reviews of their independent reading books, rather than sharing during class, this allows students to "hear" about other books they might like to read.

Book Review Wiki - 3rd grade students read a variety of books by Jane Yolen and wrote online reviews for their class wiki.

Book Review Podcasts - Students created an audio book report or review using GarageBand. Once complete, the reviews were uploaded to a class wiki to share.

Bats Wiki - 2nd Grade did a webquest on bats.

Animal Research with Inspiration/Kidspiration - Students created a concept map of ideas to guide their research. Using the Outline feature of Inspiration, students turned their concept map into an outline.

Chapter Summary Wordle - Want to check for understanding of concepts or characters? Have a whole class brainstorm or have individuals create their own wordles. The more times a word appears, the larger it appears in the wordle.

Country Flipcharts - Students researched a country and created a flipchart page to share what they learned.

One Medium Suitcase Animoto - Students were asked to write about what they would take from their home if they had to leave forever. To supplement their writing, students created an Animoto video showing some of the things they would take.

Health & Wellness WebQuest Wiki - 5th Grade is doing a webquest on Health and Wellness, from this information they will create a brochure for a doctor's office.

Life in Space Wiki - 5th grade students are adding information to the wiki about life in space. From this information, they will need to create a travel brochure.

Winter Olympics - 3rd and 5th grade students learned about a variety of Winter Olympics sports and presented their findings in a wikipedia style format.

Park World - 4th grade students used this website to learn about magnetism, gravity and forces.

Literary Form - Students completed an author WebQuest, collecting their answers in a Google form.

Civil Rights Glogster - Students researched a prominent figure or event related to the Civil Rights Movement. Using their research, students created a Glogster poster with music, images, text and video.

Plant Presentations - 3rd grade students researched plant life cycles and shared their findings through PowerPoint

Expressions Quiz - As part of a lesson on Algebraic equations, students used the ActivExpressions to solve the problems. THis provided the teacher with instant feedback regarding the students' understanding.

Word Origins Quiz - 5th grade GTE students studied word origins and created a presentation and ActiVote quiz to share with their classes

Favorites Wordle - Students in the ESP program created Wordles to compliment their writings on what they liked best about their school.

City Wiki - Students created a wiki of information and images related to a city they were studying.