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Kevin Honeycutt- Cyberbullying/Internet Safety - Notes from session
Great session.

Suggested resources
-Maureen Miller

Michael Bryant - Pump up the Volume- Audio in your Classroom
Tricks and tools to bring audio into the classroom to increase engagement level of students
  • Narration- Voicethread.com - voice comments to go along with pictures and video
  • Sound cues- play a theme song or sound byte to indicate a transition time in class
  • strip the audio from the video- allows for students to use their imagination to picture the conten
  • Listen to speeches - past, present- gives more meaning to events than reading a speech
  • myplick- sync a power point
-Maureen Miller

Tag–Who's It? Scott Meech, Sears School, Kenilworth.
  • Tagging:Important organizational skill that needs to be taught.
  • Tag photos, docs with meaningful keywords that will separate them from the rest when trying to narrow a search and find what you need.
  • Delicious (social bookmarking) account for your school? Needs an efficient tagging scheme to be effective (e.g. don't tag everything with "education," which is too broad).
  • Quinturakids.com: search site for kids that presents keywords in a "cloud" based on relative importance or frequency
  • Edutagger: alternative to Delicious for social bookmarking; specific focus on K-12
  • Twittertrend - iPhone app; follow "what's hot" in the world by checking the most frequently used words in Twitter at that moment; can be more immediate than "conventional" news sources when a big event breaks
  • Wordle - visual rep of word frequency; "dissects" text to show which words are used most often
-Jeff Shaw

Get Wiki With It: Using Google Sites & PB Wiki in the Elementary Classroom Kim Zimmer-Avoca West
  • Google Apps vs PB Wiki - both are good choices for classroom use.
  • Very easy to set up a classroom wiki in PB Wiki.
  • Avoca's 5th graders have a monthly book review wiki. Teachers created a "Spotlight section" to showcase best examples of book reviews.
  • You have option of prescreening submissions before posting.
  • Multimedia can be added to wikis or Google docs. Idea: Spooky podcasts for Halloween.
  • Build webquests in Google Docs
-Jeff Shaw

Digital Storytelling: Makin' Movies Joe Brennan- Retired
  • Explores independent films to inspire students
  • Show various 30 second commercials to students to inspire ideas
  • Concepts in movie making such as backward motion create special effects
  • iMovies can be used in all subject areas
-Marci Kulbak, Elm Place

Spiro Bolos- Blogging in the Classroom

-Maureen Miller

Helene Blowers- From Players to Guides: Learning 2.0

Turbo-Charged Wikis in the Classroom
-Maureen Miller

Nadine Norris-
Using Web2.0 Technology to Communicate
with Stakeholders about Internet Safety Issues

Using Information Literacy To Enhance Research