Resources and Handouts from February 2, 2010 Institute Day

Institute Day Video
Descriptions of the projects shown and links to web sites used

Animoto and Voicethread

Flipcharts- Next Steps

Getting to Know your Mac


Intro to iMovie & iMovie Part Deux
How to record video of yourself on imovie
Putting clips into imovie
Putting in titles/words
Putting in video effects
Putting in audio/music
Editing your movie
How to add titles (voice thread )
How to add video effects (FX) (voice thread)
Apple's iMovie support

To turn an imovie into a QUICKTIME: Share-Quicktime- CD-Rom-Share- desktop
Promethean Board-Classroom Centers

Look what I'm doing with my students!

TeachMeMoreTech - Podcasting

Technology for Dual Language

Technology for Language Acquisition- Middle School

Assessment for Learning

Reporting and Data

Reaching All Learners Using Technology

Using District 112 Subscription Services

Computer Lab?

Wiki with your Students

Oak Terrace IMC Promethean Wiki Page