Have you successfully engaged your students?

If so, what has worked for you? What websites have you found helpful?

What Web 2.0 Tools have you used!

30 Day Free Trial- Professional Development- www.simpletechlearning.com
They are offering Integrating Technology in the Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools for free. Free access includes the exclusive Curriculum Integration Plan which allows each user to create their own individualized plan to integrate Web 2.0 Tools into their curriculum.
  • interactive whiteboards
  • blogs
  • wikis
  • podcasts

Why use a podcast? (add ideas as you think of them)

  • spelling or vocabulary lists
  • reading poetry or a short story
  • homework assignments
  • parent announcements

Tiny URL- http://tinyurl.com/- make long url's TINY

Wikis, Blogs and Podcasting


What's a Jing?

http://www.jingproject.com/ Click "Video Tour"

The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video…from your computer to anywhere.
Have something to explain again and again, Just Jing IT!

Screencast.com allows you to store your jings for free!

This is a screenshot of my Screencast Library. When I mouse over a jing, it gives me the option to view, edit, share or delete.

external image Picture%204.png

Here are some Jing Samples-

How to use Just 5 Clicks

How to make Wiki with Wikispaces.

Everything Web 2.0 (thanks to Wendy Sigele)- download free PDF