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Blogging Tips


Recommended Themes
  • Blix- nice tabs on the top
  • Chaotic Soul
  • Dew Drop Theme (Anubis)
  • Digg 3
  • Glossy Blue

Student & Parent Involvement

Some ways to get your students and their parents more involved with your blog:
  • Link your blog to your page on your school's website
  • Add the Subscribe2 or Email Subscription Widget
  • Post a survey or quiz using Google Forms
  • Assign homework, research, or other projects that can only be completed by going to your blog (extra credit works well too!)
  • Ask your colleagues to put a link to your blog on their blog (and return the favor!)
  • Feature a student blogger of the week


Add Widgets to Your Sidebars (these are just some of the many available)
  • Archives - creates a monthly archive link on your sidebar
  • ClustrMaps - tracks the places around the world from which people have viewed your blog
  • Google Search
  • Links - add links to useful websites, other teacher blogs, school or district pages, etc.
  • Subscribe2 - allows people to subscribe to your blog to receive emails whenever you add new posts (contact your tech coach to add this)