The 21st Century Classroom Experience
District 112 Institute Day
November 3rd, 2009

Middle School, 8-11 a.m.

Elementary School, 12:00-3:00 p.m.
Indian Trail
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Blogs and Wikis

Want to communicate with your students, parents and the community? Just looking for a place to collaborate with your teammates? Wikis and blogs will free you to create and edit from any computer, any time. Learn the similarities of wikis and blogs, choose for yourself which tool is best for your classroom and start creating your own communication tool.

Digital Storytelling

Telling a story can lead to great digital adventures. Learn to mash up digital images with words to create engaging stories for you and your students to share. This session will provide hands on time to create your own digital story using some fantastic Web 2.0 tools including Voicethread, Animoto and more!

Getting Started with ActivStudio

This session is for teachers who do not currently have a Promethean board, but may work in classrooms with a Promethean board or just want to learn how to use ActivStudio. Your facilitator will take you through the basics and share resources to help you feel comfortable using a Promethean board. If you choose this session, please have ActivStudio installed on your laptop. (See your tech coach for assistance)

Google Galore

Have you heard the expresssion "just Google it" ? Now, you can do that and much, much more! Google has tons of tools for the educator and their students. Learn how to collaboratively share documents, create and develop a Google home page for the class- Google docs, iGoogle, Google custom search, Google reader and Googles more! Participants will be asked to create a gmail account prior to Institute day (See your tech coach for assistance)


Creating for an authentic audience is a critical 21st century skill. Learn how to make a movie from start to finish along with great ideas for when and where to put this tool to use with the students in your classroom.

Promethean User Groups

This session is for classroom teachers who currently have a Promethean board. Sessions will be broken down by grade level/content area. Teachers will share ideas, tips and tricks for interacting with the Promethean board. Teachers will also spend time working with their grade level/content area partners to collaborate on creating new flipcharts, look for resources on Promethean planet and share flipcharts on the D112 Promethean Wiki

Reporting and Data

NWEA, Just 5 Clicks, Grading Programs... lots of data, how do you manipulate and manage it all? Learn how to enter data, access data and create reports to inform parents and help guide your instruction for students.

Using District 112 Subscription Services

As a teacher in District 112, you have access to many subscription services you may not know about. This session will take you through each of our subscription sites and offer opportunities to explore the possibilities. You will have time to pull resources from these sites for use with your students.

Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0? Interactive, engaging and collaborative are just a few words to describe Web 2.0. Your students know it, why not use one of their tools to make your class even more engaging! Teachers will visit various websites and create lessons incorporating Web 2.0.

What can I do with my students in the computer lab?

Do you want to get more technology into the hands of your students? Take them to the computer lab! This session will offer many great ideas for easy to facilitate computer lab lessons. Teachers will learn about great resources for quick lessons in the lab.

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Registration is now CLOSED Please email Dianne Thalman to be placed in a session.
Provide her your name, school and teaching assignment.
(as of 10/21/09)
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