Work Smarter, not Harder, with Technology

Maureen Miller

February 24th, 2009


Middle School Institute Day*

Image of "Networked Teacher" by Alec Couros
*Printed instructions used in session
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“Big 3 Ideas” of a PLC

  • Learning

  • Collaboration

  • Results

How will Technology help?


Really simple syndication- Aggregate Readers

(Link to "How to RSS"-

Purpose: Stay current with latest information. Content comes to you rather than you finding content.

Suggested Reader- Google Reader

Product- Choose a reader and subscribe to at least 2 feeds, try it out for at least 2 weeks, promising yourself you will check in at least twice a week.

Other readers- bloglines, newsgator, feedblitz
Choice of reader is a personal preference- how you view, email or web page, etc..


(Link to "How to iChat"...

Purpose- quick messages to teammates or other colleagues, sharing files and presentations in real time (synchronous communication)
set up ichat and bonjour lists

Product- set up iChat/Bonjour account

Google Docs

(Link to "How To Create a Google Account with your district email"...

Collaborate on documents, presentations and spreadsheets, create forms to gather data, data automatically populates a spreadsheet

Product- create a google account using your school email address, create a document and share it with a colleague.

Other recommended google app- Google Calendar- keep track of more than one calendar- team, personal, district

Interventions- if your head is spinning and you need some one-to-one tutorials, here are the links for you.

Atomic Learning- – online tutorials for tech content
Google Help Center-
iChat Help-

Enrichment - activities, for those of you who have completed your “products”

Sites I like to use...

Others that are worth looking into....